December Mission Opportunities

We have several annual missions opportunities coming up for the holidays as well as a new one. As usual, we will be collecting mittens, gloves, hats and scarves on our Mitten Tree in the Narthex. These items will be taken to Trinity Community Meal on December 17 when Sequoyah will be serving. Many of the people who attend this weekly meal are homeless or in need and your donations at this time of year will be a big help to them.

We will also be doing a Reverse Advent Calendar again this year. Instead of getting something each day as on a traditional advent calendar, we are going to give something. In the bulletin is an insert with a calendar which lists items that are distributed at CEO (Community Emergency Outreach). Or click here to view Each time you shop, buy a few of the items listed and place them in your “manger.” At the end of the month, you will have easily filled a box with much needed items for people in our community. All the “mangers” will be distributed to CEO after the holidays.

For the past several months we have been partnering with the Elkins School District to help their families in need. We have agreed to adopt five kids from the Elkins School District for Christmas. Please be watching for more updates and an easel in the Welcome Center that will have post it note needs. You will be able to take the post it note, buy the item and return it by the specified date. Once all the post it notes have been taken and the items returned, we will have helped five kids have a joyful Christmas!

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