Sunday School

Sunday School classes are available for all ages and meet from 9:45am to 10:45am Sunday morning.


Nursery is provided for infants through toddlers during the Sunday School hour beginning at 9:45 AM.

Preschool Age

Sunday School Curriculum by Group’s FaithWeaver equips preschoolers with memorable Bible learning plus interactive teaching tools that engage and captivate preschool learners. Lessons are designed to encourage faith development beyond Sunday so faith grows all week long.

Elementary School Age

Elementary age children (Kindergarten through 5th grade) will experience Rotational Sunday School using Cokesbury’s curriculum, PowerXpress. With PowerXpress, children will experience the Bible story in many different ways. When children see AND hear AND do, they retain 90% of the experience. As a result, the Bible story and its meaning for them will stay with them for life!

Every week children rotate through different workshops after The Gathering (which starts at 9:45 AM) . Each grade level group has a shepherd who remains with them all year long through each rotation. Rotation themes change monthly. Children participate in workshops each week like:

  • Art
  • Computer
  • Cooking/Science
  • Storytelling/Games
  • Theater

Junior High and Senior High Youth

Junior High and Senior High Sunday School is a movie-based exploration of relationship with God and with each other.

Adult Classes

  • Being Faithful Disciples(meets in the Admin. Room) When this group first met together they were using one of the short term Disciple studies. They continue the name and do use Bible based study materials. They are a mix of ages and gender – the common thread is Bible study.
  • Men’s Sunday School(meets in Narthex room1) This group is the oldest Sunday School class and their lessons are Bible based
  • Pairs and Spares (meets in the corner room off the Children’s chapel) This group is what its name implies, a mixture of couples and singles with children who are in high school or older. Study is discussion based on Biblical principles.
  • Seekers (meets in the parlor) This class is for those retired and almost there. We use the bible, books and videos for class discussion. Come join the fellowship, fun, and learning.
  • Spiritual Journeys (Narthex room 2) This group of women uses the Upper Room Wednesday readings and questions for discussion.
  • Young Adult Sunday School (meets in the room next to the YMCA Class)
  • YMCA (meets in the center room off of the Children’s Chapel) This class started as Young Married Christian Adults but includes singles as well as married couples. If these folks have children they are in preschool or early elementary school. This group emphasizes fellowship and outreach.